Thursday, March 3, 2011


There were so many times I wanted to give a cheesy stupid speech to my friends to let them know how much I love them, and to thank all of the people who basically helped raise me into the quick-witted, smart ass tranny I am today. I always say that when I was seventeen instead of leaving the nest and learning how to fly right away, I landed into another momma bird's nest, Mani's nest, and from there he ripped off my wings (because feathers were tacky), nailed on some F-16 fighter jet wings and sent me down the runway in pair of stilettos and a fur coat with red lipstick smeared across my face. I know everyone thinks that they have the most amazing friends and that their life experiences have been the craziest and most unbelievable, but you know what? I definitely stand by stories and insane, ridiculous people that come along with them. . . For those of you who have witnessed them, dancing the night away with me, catching my tears, running away from deranged people, holding my purse during my fights, nursing me back to health when hungover or feeling at my wits end, driving around getting stoned and screaming out the window while blasting our favorite songs at the time, wasting our days laying about in dolores park while we pop pills and drown ourselves in champagne, late nights at dirty after parties, late nights with dirty men, helping me pull all nighters for a show, creating magic, being there when I need to scream, being there to shut me up when I'm screaming and walking down the street on a sunny San Francisco day in our favorite outfits while the breeze blows our hair and catches our garbs and all the while smiling, loving each other and thanking Liza Minnelli that we are young and that we can offer something to one another that no gold can ever buy. . . friendship, love and understanding, and a quick slap in the face when one of us needs to be checked. Thank you for accepting me, letting me be who I am and never forcing me to stop. San Francisco, you will always be my home.
breakfaLst @ Boogaloos
Casey, my brother from another mother

Alicia my one and only (ps, she's a model, hire her)

My little goddaughter Bella, and Steve, the most patient bf ever

my jujus

my brother Victor

bobudur at bobudur

twerkin @Bootycall Wednesdays

Voguing in the streets

my lil boo boo

im sorry Mani, I had to post this

best breakfast ever, with Shakti, the most magical woman I know

Davi and Megatron @ Merkely's

Mo and Errol bein creeps while photoshoot moments are happening

Mo is very pretty, i LOVE her

juju frog and tadpole


One too many


I miss my mom's dog
Kimi and Irene, my sisters


Crystal and Merkley, I love them, soooo much

Brooke, so supportive and amazing with Elliot and baby Sonie at @P1

I love this man so much, he is one of my favorite people in the whole world

me and my brothers xo

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