Saturday, March 12, 2011


The other day my dear friend Vanny Tranny and I stomped down to the garment district for an adventure and fell in love with a few places. . . one of them being TOP Trimmings on 39th street ( which was suggested by the amazing Zana Bayne from !!! Let me tell you honeys who don't know about this treasure chest, this place is a goddamn drag queens dream. . . sequins, feathers, buttons, applique, pearls, beads, rhinestones, fringe, hat forms, lace. . . it is a goddamn trim mad house and I am obsessed!

The second place I fell in love with was SWAN fabrics. . .not only did I fall in love with the owner but they had such beautiful and quality fabrics, as if each roll was truly picked out for someone special.

I guess it's my inner child or something, but I just loved this fabric, it was so delicate and pretty and child-like, I want to make a gown out of it and wear it while I have an afternoon tea party with my stuffed animals. . . but I need to borrow some stuffed animals first, because my mother killed all of mine.

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