Monday, March 7, 2011

Burned and Hung and Oversexed

A tale as long as time. . .a powerful woman is more feared than a powerful man. . . We've been hung, burned, mutilated and condemned for being beautiful, intelligent, powerful, intuitive and strong. My latest collection was split into two parts, a before and after if you will.  . .The first half is a series of tailored muslin dress and cloaks which I set on fire, paired with rope accessories, a nod to condemned and murdered women of our past who's lives where stolen from them because of jealousy and misunderstanding. The second half is a celebration of liberated, confident, sexual and avant garde style with an emerald green and bronze color story, this half includes green lace dresses and separates, beaded shawls, velvet kimono style coats, fur accents and chiffon gowns. Below are a few images that set the tone for the two halves. . .and each week I will be posting a few photos of the new pieces as they are taken. . .note to self, find some strange looking creatures to model for me while I'm out here. . .

My dear friend Shakti and I were talking about misunderstood woman, and the special connections we have with certain people and so on and so forth, and she simple said to me, well, its because we were burned at the stake together in our past lives, and the imagery of that statement just really inspired me. . .so THANK YOU SHAKTI! here are some illustrations that really hit the nail on the head. xo

For those of you who don't already know. . .I'm obsessed with the movie Cabaret, when I saw Liza Minnelli for the first time on screen I was just blown away as a little girl and said to myself, that is exactly who I want to be, and exactly how I want to dress. . .but oddly enough, Ive never made a cabaret collection. . .so I did, a before and after collection: repressed and liberated, fire that destroys, and fire that   inspires, entices drives us from the inside out.

"Well I am a most strange and extraordinary person. . ." - Liza as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, very important words to live by. . . be as strange and extraordinary as you possibly can, and dont ever apologize for it.

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