Monday, March 21, 2011


To My Dearest Little Mani,

   Today is your birthday. . .you are one year older, one year wiser, and maybe a little more hairy. This is your year to embrace all that the universe has to offer and bathe in all of it's splendor. You have nothing but white light inside of you, only good, only purity, only love, only kindness and it is contagious. You truly light up a room when you enter. You make everyone smile, laugh, feel loved and beautiful. When people (and hallmark cards) speak of friends who are treasures, they are speaking of you. You empower me, you help me grow, you make me happy, you make me feel loved, you make me feel beautiful, you make me feel indestructible, you energize me, you inspire me and I thank the universe every day that you have saved me from myself, protected me from others, embraced me as your sister and have made me your friend. I love you so much Mani and thank you for always being there for me.

Rubber Turban with Lace Face Cover and Rhinestone Trim
Model: Mani Motarjemi
Designer: Domonique Echeverria

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