Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So excited to have been asked to participate in BIANCA*STARR's stylist boutique with my best friend and love Mani Motarjemi. BIANCA*STARR is a second hand and vintage boutique that sells shoes, dresses, coats, accessories, separates, you name it, you will find it. This store has become quite popular and recognizable, catering to all ages, styles, and budgets. The stylist boutique that Bianca does features local stylists to present pieces from their personal wardrobes to resell to all of you. . .and we get to take over the window display, create a playlist for you, and shake things up a bit! With the help of the lovely Mani Motarjemi, we will be giving you business woman realness, rock-a-billy blues, bondage wear, costume pieces, gowns, furs, leather, bags, shoes, accessories, and Mani will be showing some of his illustrations at the boutique! Our stylist boutique debuts TOMORROW! This THURSDAY!!! November 18th!!!!!  (3552 20th street) It starts at 6pm, we will be serving you cocktails, beautiful music and chic fashion! For a little more insight check out BIANCA*STARR's blog. . .

Ck out Mani and I, here are some photos and videos. . .
> Video interview with the amazing SLU crew
>Jenna Riot's closet riots. . .positive body image site and fashion blog! Jenna is amazing! i love her!
Shot by Zana Bayne, my baby momma for her blog

Mani in red chiffon draped gown for SF Chic Fashion Week
(design by me. . .)

Miss Honey shoot
photo by: Brooke Candy
sneak peak of some illustrations that will be shown
>Scroll down till you find Model: Mani Motarjemi.  . .THAT'S RIGHT! I said MODEL

SEE YOU THIS THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>>>>>>>>>>>special thanx to my mother for letting us raid her closet.  . . .you betta werk lady

my mother


This past Sunday, I had the honor of making a few of the costumes for Miss Ambrosia Salad's Quince party. . .I made satin and lace dresses for her damas, Ladybear, Becky Motorlodge, Terry T.,  La Monistat, Honey Mahogany, Mani Motarjemi, and myself. There were amazing performances by Mr. David, Paige Sargent, and many more. . .dancing, drinking, eating you name it, it happened. . .anyways, here are some pictures taken by Emil, Monty( and SF station, enjoy!

Miss Lady Bear in a pink satin gown with lace trim
99 cent store realness with those flowers henny.

Miss Becky Motorlodge in a teal satin shift dress with lace collar and trim
Becky Motorlodge and Miss Terry T.

Miss Terry T
Joshua Shelstad, Terry T., La Monistat
La Monistat in a yellow satin bubble mini with lace trim
Ambrosia Salad, the mother with my baby daddy Mani in a lace trimmed shirt with satin accessories
Ambrosia's Gown and Headdress was made by the legendary MR. DAVID and the adorable, talented and sweet Kurt Fausset.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

I am SO OBSESSED. . .finally someone came out with a song i can relate to gurl. I love to whip my goddamn hair when I'm in the clurb with my bitches.


I have always been inspired by performers and strange characters from the dark nether-regions of hell. . .Miss Ambrosia Salad is one of those. Im proud to say that one of my current projects is creating 6 of the gowns that will be worn at her upcoming event, her DOBLE QUINCEANERA!!! Supposedly this nasty bitch has decided to grow up and become a lady. . . ofcourse with the help of her beautifully retarded house, HOUSE OF SALAD! This event will be the who's who of the queer and art scene here in San Francisco, with guest djs Juanita More!( Javi en Rose, blessings by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a LIVE mariachi band, special guests, and a traditional waltz performed by her house. Come help us deliver Ambrosia to womanhood-again. . .SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH! AT RICKSHAW STOP!!!
flier by Jacob Sperber (
photo by Robert Guzman

Here's a little taste of our lady AMBROSIA SALAD--------->

Red Carpet Barbie Dress with Cheetos clutch
Red Vinyl Babydoll with "A" monogram
Potato sack peasant dress for TrannyShack performance


Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photos by: Brawlio Elias

Archie Mckay

The Perfect Family

Photos by: Hanna Quevedo
Assitant Styling: Jillian Kent
Models: Alexandria Pressgrove-Amelia Mastreano-Mark Hester-
Mani Motarjemi-Alicia Miranda

Alicia Miranda

Alexandria Pressgrove and Mani Motarjemi

video from CHIC FASHION WEEK at the SF Design Center
(this is not the music they actually walked to, brace yourselves)


Kimi Recor- my evil stepsister, wife, muse, best friend, and witchy soulmate. This woman is one of the most talented songstresses and story tellers I know. She brings magic into everyone's life but can destroy you in the same breath. I love her, if I was a balloon, she would be the string that kept me tethered to a child's wrist. If you dont already. . .i really suggest stalking her, I do. 

 Vintage Fox Fur Sleeves attached to draped satin gown, paired with red lace lady dress both by moi
*I love when friends come to visit, especially my sisters. . . <3 Kimi Recor*

Kimi in a velvet shoulder/collar piece and corset with bird, fringe and twig embellishments

see, i told you she's pretty, she usually doesnt look this pleasant tho, she's probably thinking about having cookies with me 

Kimi in a plaid and velvet smoking coat, which she stole from me.

My new obsession

Spring/Summer '09

Here are some photos of my first full collection taken by Brawlio Elias .

Spring/Summer 2009

*Meet Bradley Miller. . .he is kind, thin, androgynous, beautiful and a VERY talented makeup artist. . .and one of my favorite models. Here he is wearing a single seam,hand-stitched, cut-out gown in purple taffeta and black tulle, along with hand sewn, opera length, button gloves.

*Meet my baby daddy Mani Motarjemi, the persian prince of San Francisco. . .originally from Iran, this gorgeous 6'4'' daddy long leg, came into my life at the not so tender age of 17. He was the first person who convinced me to wear red lipstick, sneak into a bar, do drugs, walk around half naked and to be a confident strong woman. He has saved me so many times and in the words of Bette Midler, he is the wind beneath my wings. He is the ONLY man who has ever been there 150% for me, he is my best friend, the love of my life, my father, my brother, my child, my muse and the hottest tranny mess you will EVER encounter. Mani is shown here wearing a skin tight cutout dress.

*Meet Alicia Miranda. . .she is a 6 ft tall stoner who got blessed with good genes and effortless style. This lady has been my best friend since 6th grade when she looked like a tomboy, and welp, i looked like a slut; we were star-crossed lovers from the beginning, the moment i saw her, i knew she would be mine, here she is today, tall, gorgeous, smart, kind, sincere, loyal, and miserable as ever from dealing with my bipolar episodes. I would be nothing without her. Here she is shown wearing a circle ruffle romper, base made of polyester knit, and ruffles made of recycled fabrics.

*Meet MERKLEY???- If you dont know who this is you have been living under a rock. This magical man is not only a quite unusual taco hunting character, but he just so happens to be one of the most talented artists I have ever encountered. . . photographer/painter/illustrator/writer/taco hunter/model/actress/all around asshole jerkface/gorgeous creature of life. I love him and so should you.

*Meet Shala Harris, the sexiest valley girl you will ever meet. She may be shy, but honey, she is a chameleon and can pose for the gods. Shala is shown here in a knit mini dress with chain embellishments.

*O jeez. . .Terry T., he is my mother i never asked for. I like to call her prom queen, but she really is one of the sweetest, most generous, beautiful creatures you will ever meet. She gets confused and likes to party, but will cradle you in her arms and give you the shirt off her back. And darling, have you seen her face. . .yes please. She is shown here wearing a leather scrap pancho made of recycled materials, ripped tights, and nasty pumps she got from DSW. . .probably.

*Meet Joshua Shelstead, the boy of your dreams. Long legs, deep voice, beautiful face and all around sweetheart. We all love him and I know the rest of you will too. Here he is wearing a sequin kimono with green fringe and cutout top. . .and panties.

*Meet my baby girls Jessica Harrison and Allison Perry, they may be young but they are mighty. Jessica is wearing a 3 layered shoulder piece with matching skirt, and  miss Allison in a ruffled button collar piece with draped chiffon dress.

*Meet AMBROSIA SALAD, the mother of HOUSE OF SALAD. One of San Francisco's most respected drag queens and my favorite performer. She can do death drops while eating nachos, and vogue while devouring extra large pizzas to herself. Stylish, beautiful, innovative and insane. Here she is shown wearing a half portrait collar jacket with peplum and giant shoulder piece.