Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Kimi Recor- my evil stepsister, wife, muse, best friend, and witchy soulmate. This woman is one of the most talented songstresses and story tellers I know. She brings magic into everyone's life but can destroy you in the same breath. I love her, if I was a balloon, she would be the string that kept me tethered to a child's wrist. If you dont already. . .i really suggest stalking her, I do. 

 Vintage Fox Fur Sleeves attached to draped satin gown, paired with red lace lady dress both by moi
*I love when friends come to visit, especially my sisters. . . <3 Kimi Recor*

Kimi in a velvet shoulder/collar piece and corset with bird, fringe and twig embellishments

see, i told you she's pretty, she usually doesnt look this pleasant tho, she's probably thinking about having cookies with me 

Kimi in a plaid and velvet smoking coat, which she stole from me.

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