Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This past Sunday, I had the honor of making a few of the costumes for Miss Ambrosia Salad's Quince party. . .I made satin and lace dresses for her damas, Ladybear, Becky Motorlodge, Terry T.,  La Monistat, Honey Mahogany, Mani Motarjemi, and myself. There were amazing performances by Mr. David, Paige Sargent, and many more. . .dancing, drinking, eating you name it, it happened. . .anyways, here are some pictures taken by Emil, Monty( and SF station, enjoy!

Miss Lady Bear in a pink satin gown with lace trim
99 cent store realness with those flowers henny.

Miss Becky Motorlodge in a teal satin shift dress with lace collar and trim
Becky Motorlodge and Miss Terry T.

Miss Terry T
Joshua Shelstad, Terry T., La Monistat
La Monistat in a yellow satin bubble mini with lace trim
Ambrosia Salad, the mother with my baby daddy Mani in a lace trimmed shirt with satin accessories
Ambrosia's Gown and Headdress was made by the legendary MR. DAVID and the adorable, talented and sweet Kurt Fausset.

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