Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nomi Ruiz, Muse of the World

One of my favorite and most treasured muses, Nomi Ruiz and I have been working together on a few projects. . .this past summer I had the privilege of being in her video "Burn All These Bones" off her Borough Gypsy Album! I also had the privilege of making her costumes for her tour that's been going on since this past summer! Check out some footage and photos of Nomi's borough gypsy adventures!

my body is a sin against god. . .

chiffon veil be me

Nomi wearing my ruffled empress coat in PMC Magazine 

Nomi wearing ruffled empress coat and chain headdress by Me on the red carpet for the Life Ball 2014

Nomi on set wearing a red silk kimono by Me . . .
you can see the piece featured in her Life or Cream Video below directed by Gabriel Magdaleno

Nomi wearing the white "Mani" dress by Me

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