Wednesday, December 12, 2012


. . .I've been meaning to share. . .everyone was wonderful. . .great turn out. . .I had the delectable Katrina Darling model for me and after the show we all got fucked up in my hotel room and I blacked out before midnite. . .here are some videos and photos. . . enjoy.

film by: Rosalina Merrihue

models: Katrina Darling, Dylan Monroe, Manicure Versace, Mona Marlowe, Jordan Fox, Alicia Miranda, Kyle Farmery, Travis and Trevor Smith, Jeffrey Gaunt, and Rhyan Hamilton

design assistant: Shane Tenzcar
show stylist: Cadi Storm
makeup artists: Miguel Ramos and Esteban David

video by: Robert Poswall
show location: the OUT nyc
presented by: IN*TANDEM Magazine

Dylan Monroe-Beaded Catsuit
Miss Katrina Darling-Blue Chiffon Tea Dress
Jeffrey Gaunt-Floral Mesh Top with Tie Dye Chiffon Skirt
Miss Mona Marlowe-Grey chiffon cocktail dress
Kyle Farmery-Buttercream Chiffon Blouse and Skirt
Rhyan Hamilton-Pleated Sculpture Set
Trevor Smith-Yellow Chiffon Capelet Blouse with Cream Circle Skirt
Travis Smith-Hand Beaded Silk Kaftan with Muslin Coat
Alicia Miranda-Red Chiffon Tea Dress with Butterfly Hat
Jordan Fox-Blue Lace Tea Dress with Silk Cloud Coat
*photos by IN*TANDEM

***seriously. . .thank you so very much to everyone involved and thank you MERKLEY??? for preventing a complete mental breakdown.

and as always. . . thank you to my girl Manicure Versace for always holding it down. . .she's my ride or die bitch forever and ever. xo

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  1. Love the allegoric character. Great shots.