Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Hallow's Eve

Because I get questioned about being a witch, vampire, or gypsy everyday, I thought I would dress up as something lovely for this Halloween.
Red Satin and Chiffon Flower Head Piece and Spandex dress with Satin and Lace
made by yours truly (in an hr and a half, I tend to procrastinate)

The wonderfully evil Kayvon Zand who hosted ON TOP-Halloween at the Standard along with his beautiful collective

Black Corseted, Lily Collar Gown with Sequins Applique and Satin Train, Queen of Hearts
designer: Domonique Echeverria
styling: Kayvon Zand

A lovely Halloween feast with rotten cookies, brains, liver and a scrumptious pig head

The lovely and beautiful Anna Evans, little Alice

Jessica Love, no words, such a gorgeous creature.

My sweet baby Dylan Monroe as the Chesire Cat
Lace body suit, mask and hair shoulder piece by yours truly
Styling: Dylan Monroe

Our Queen Mother, Suzanne Bartsch

The hottest little Bo Peeps you'll ever see, my sweet angels Kindra Meyer and Laura Connors

little babies

My love, my assistant Emilio Sanchez in his own creation

Marco and Ashley xx

Without these two I would not have been able to get dressed that nite!

baby got back. . . Michael Magnan, the only man who can make my booty bounce. . .JAMZ

One of my favorites of the nite.

**ON TOP at Le Bain in the Standard Hotel, presented by Suzanne Bartsch, hosted by The Zand Collective**

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