Monday, September 26, 2011

Spit In My Mouth

Why don't you let me go, set me free, let me fly?
Instead you keep a shackle at my wrist, you bound my body with your empty promises
I ask for your hate, your disgust, your disappointment but you torture me by loving me.
I cannot escape this prison you hold me in
Your walls are too high for me to climb
Your strong hands grasp my neck and I am hypnotized
Your cruelty feeds my lust for you;
It is the daily meal you spare me
My routine fix that you afford me.
How dare you give me nourishment, just enough to keep me alive
Right as I am dying of thirst you spit in my mouth, your attempt to save me.
Let me drink of you and bathe in your river
Or let me die.

Your eyes are full of darkness.
I am a woman of white light.
You are the most frightened person I have ever met.
I am fearless.
Everything you touch turns rotten.
Everything I touch flourishes, everyone I love grows, everyone I teach prospers.
You have no identity.
I know exactly who I am.
You live your life through other people because you don't even know who you are and wouldn't know where to begin.
I create my life from my own substance.
You steal my energy and love because you are too weak to fend for yourself.
I  am open and give all of myself to anyone who ever asks with the ability to rejuvenate.
You are the poor woman's prince charming.
I am a goddess.
You slouch because you are ashamed of who you are.
I stand with stature and elegance because I have love in my heart and wisdom running through me.
You pollute your body because you know that you do not deserve to live a life with me in it.
I nourish myself because I deserve it
If you were turned inside out you would be covered in boils of selfishness.
If you turned me inside out I would look exactly the same because I am a two-way mirror of beauty and strength.

No where have I mentioned truth
Because the truth is I long for you every moment of the day.
The only time I dream is of you
The only time I sleep is when you are laying by my side.
The only time I am calm is when I hear your voice.
The only time my body stops aching is when you touch me.
The only time my vision is clear is when you show me the way.
I am blind, deaf, mute and immobile without you.

The truth is I really do love that you love me.
It doesn't matter what I say to push you from me
You know my truth, you see right through me.
I am a little girl hiding behind my long hair
You brush it aside to kiss my nose.
I run from you just for you to chase me.
I hit you just to be hit back.
I am on the verge of death and rebirth every time I am around you.
Tears are brought to my eyes from confusion.
I'ver known what it's like to be loved by a man
Because I have never known a man.
A fatherless daughter full of holes.
You pour yourself into me but I am a sieve.
I can never be satisfied by you.
The way you love me will never be enough.

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